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Epicubed is an upcoming 3D puzzle platformer, being developed using Unity3D, in which you record independent cube’s actions in time and replay them simultaneously to get the hero cube to the door at the end of the level. On this project I am developing the core gameplay mechanics, creating UI effects, creating shaders for player feedback and aesthetics, level design tools and managing the code base.

Epicubed is currently in Beta and is available for download on our website: www.epicubed.com

We recently presented our game at UCSC’s 2014 Sammy Awards, you can check-out our presentation and the trailer we created for it below!

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Super WOW: Such Defense

The third and final game created for the game design practicum course at UCSC over three weeks. Super WOW is a re-imagining of Atari’s original Missile Command arcade game with a special internet meme twist. As sole programmer on the team, I leveraged Unity3D’s new 2D development environment to implement all of the game’s mechanics and features.

The primary change that was done while re-imagining Missile Command was the decision to make the game-play center around the entire earth while missiles approach from a circle towards the planet. As the only programmer on this project I was responsible for quickly putting together the game-play mechanics and fine tuning the missile pathing. A last minute design choice was made to change the working title from Missile Command to the meme inspired Super WOW: Such Defense. From there the game took on a life of its own becoming the most popular game created during that quarter of game design practicum both on campus and on-line.

Super WOW Explosion Shot

Game Link: Kongregate

Red Rover

The second game I created for UCSC’s game design practicum course in three weeks, this time as sole developer on a three man team, Red Rover is a design-based puzzle inspired resource gathering game that explores the given theme of mars colonization and visual design based challenges.

The goal for Red Rover was to provide a semi-educational Mars Colony themed puzzle experience. The original plan was to have the base consist of various types of bases including, mining, processing, farming, research, and construction. In the end we decided to focus on just on of these bases due to art asset restrictions and time constraints. I did all of the programming in this title, focusing most of my efforts on the custom UI that allowed for the rover programming. My UI and programming framework is now helping a UCSC graduate student project working with NASA to create interactive rover related software.

Game Link: Kongregate


A third-person person 3D Arcade game created for UCSC’s game design practicum course in three weeks. I acted as lead developer on this project where everyone was new to Unity3D and 3D game development.

The original concept was to have two players control a robot in a QWOP-inspired game. As we dived into Unity3D for the first time we quickly realized that we may have bit off more than we can chew. Completing the art and implementing it was what took the largest amount of our time leaving little to implement the co-op mode. In the end a task we thought impossible at the time, making a 3D game in three weeks with no prior knowledge, turned out to not be that bad at all and was an amazing learning experience going forward.

Playable Game Link: Kongregate