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R.E.M. is the first game project I was officially apart of at the University of California, Santa Cruz. As part of the game design experience class I was one of three programmers who created the game using JavaScript, HTML 5 Canvas, and a game engine created by a fellow UCSC undergrad, Brine.js.

The core mechanics of R.E.M. combined the timing based platforming of BIT.TRIP.RUNNER and the rythym matching of games such as Guitar Hero. The player would have to match the color bars as they moved across the screen while simultaneously jumping over and sliding under obstacles. Much of my work revolved around the dynamic level generation which was going to use onset detection methods to gather information from user provided music files. Unfortunately, the level generation taught me an important lesson about project scope when I barely completed the onset detection near the end of the project and had no time to actually use the data to create levels. A non-intractable prototype for the onset detection is available below. Also unfortunately, the web server we were using to host the game does not properly serve the files required to run the game, but if anyone is interested they can contact me.

R.E.M. Project Site: remgame.pbworks.com

Onset Detection Prototype: onset prototype