Created as part of a two man team at UCSC, VOID is a 2D puzzle platformer. In VOID, the mechanic of gravity shifting is greatly enhanced by camera locking technique where the player can wrap around the screen to the other side whenever they choose. On this project I mostly focused on implementing the camera locking mechanic and the UI.

Since the class this was created for required the use of Game Maker my partner and I decided to focus on game design and pushing Game Maker as far as we could, creating a game far above average for the massive freshman level game design course taught by Brenda Romero. We decided to only use GML to make the game instead of the built-in visual programming style which gave us a lot more flexibility. Due to a lack of art available to the game the decision was made to rely heavily on Game Maker Studio’s particle system to generate appealing and interactive programmer art. Once our foundation was built we were able to pump out a full tutorial and two demo stages showing off various sample puzzles and advanced game mechanics. In the end we ended up as semi-finalists in the class competition consisting of games from over a hundred students.

Linked below is the final presentation executable of VOID created using Game Maker Studio. We are still extremely interested in pursuing this game idea to release and intend to start the game over in Unity3D and release on multiple platforms in the future.

VOID Prototype Download: Google Drive


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