Super WOW: Such Defense

The third and final game created for the game design practicum course at UCSC over three weeks. Super WOW is a re-imagining of Atari’s original Missile Command arcade game with a special internet meme twist. As sole programmer on the team, I leveraged Unity3D’s new 2D development environment to implement all of the game’s mechanics and features.

The primary change that was done while re-imagining Missile Command was the decision to make the game-play center around the entire earth while missiles approach from a circle towards the planet. As the only programmer on this project I was responsible for quickly putting together the game-play mechanics and fine tuning the missile pathing. A last minute design choice was made to change the working title from Missile Command to the meme inspired Super WOW: Such Defense. From there the game took on a life of its own becoming the most popular game created during that quarter of game design practicum both on campus and on-line.

Super WOW Explosion Shot

Game Link: Kongregate


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